Thursday, September 6, 2012

Using Linked in for Networking

As we discuss networking, I can't believe how quickly you can make connections on Linked in. I do recommend you try it if you don't use it already...and many, many do. You can start off asking people you know to connect and the system also recommends people in which you can ask for a connection. There are actually multiple ways to connect. It is for more professional activities. Here are some things you can do: Make connections to those in your career OR a career you may be pursuing. Join groups that relate to your profesisonal interests. For a fee, become part of a job search network. You will create a personal profile which you can put much info about yourself including resume, interests, list website, recommmend books and more. What I find most useful: Making connections to what you want quickly. Joining groups to find info you need and contributing to the conversations. Making business contacts. Getting out info you want your collegues to know such as posting your articles, website, product info, etc. Checking out other people Some may use to look for potential hires Again, I'm sure so much more... I have a passion for work around happiness and work/life balance. I am starting a website around happiness and was able to connect to like-minded people. Not only do they want to meet with me but they also want to see my website and be a part of it. This will only help generate more traffic as well promote these organizations and their blogs and websites. All win/win. Give it a can really help you to see that your dream job is out there and others can help you in your pursuit. Next we'll look at Facebook! Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day is over and its back to work for many

Welcome back from your Labor Day holiday. Are you refreshed or did you just want one more day off? Out of the blue, I took one more day off and it was great! My topic for this week is networking. I finally decided to really get into it. Not only to see what's out there for me professionally, but to think about how to make connections for those who would like to check out my happiness website..a clearinghouse for happiness resources, activities and more. I was shocked at what Linked in could do. I highly recommend it for professional connections and its great if you are starting a side business that you may one day have as your career. This week we will talk about how to network yourself. Stay tuned..

Monday, August 27, 2012

Demanding Workload and Staying Happy-All options open

Happy Monday morning!
I decided to take some of my own advice. I personally think it's always good to keep all options open. I applied for my 1st job after 15 years. I thought why not. It's good to compare what you have to what is out there. It's important not to think the grass is always greener either. I've decided a few things about this comparison:
  1. I will always go with my gut. I didn't my job before and that was a hard lesson learned.
  2. I will weigh out all my most important must haves- certain $, friendly, fun work environment, flexible, organizations rep for laying people off and most impiortnat- is this the work I really want to do.
  3. Weight out retirement situation
  4. Oddly- when I get selected for a position, I think it's important to spend a day observing. That may sound untraditional but if they really want me they will let me do it. I'm letting my gut kick in. If things are good, there is nothing to hide.
Remember to keep your options open. It's makes you feel better when you know your destiny is in your own hands.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Demanding workload and staying happy- all options open

Talk about a demanding day- It sure was. I have found something that really helped me recently. I decided to look at other work options. I began to creatively think about what I really like to do. My ultimate goal is to get my website finished and work that as well as be able to make a living from it and the off shoots of it. There are other interests I have such as training and career coaching. I have done both professionally on various levels and since I love the work, why not look into what jobs are out there. So, I registered on all the job websites.

You know, it just made me feel better. To know that I could find a dream job. Working a little extra really seems so easy when you are doing what you love. For now, this is the route I am going. Just keeping options open.

I would recommend that to anyone to always keep that resume updated and be open and see what's out there. Remember to think about what you love to do. And if you do something for free and enjoy it, try to imagine how you do it and get paid. These are ways to work yourself into a dream job. In the meantime, keep that good attitude at work and stay happy. Life it too short!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

demanding work load and staying happy

This is our theme for the week- demanding work load and staying happy. WOW- will we have a lot to cover on this one. This could be a re-occurring theme and may need to be really spread out! Let's begin with how to approach your boss...

Tips I have learned:
Know who your boss is as much as you can. Know their trigger buttons and what they are most passionate about at work.
I find if you come in smiling with a positive attitude, that is the first and very important step
Find out what the goals are of your area and what the bosses biggest issues are. Then you know what type of work to concentrate on...because you can't do everything!
Ask boss to help you re-prioritize your work so you can be responsive to what's important
If everything is important, then let boss know what is going on and let boss make the call on what you need to do
If you need help, talk with you boss about some creative ideas on how to structure your work.

Anyone have anymore, please add and have a great week!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Balance- Taking an Evening Off

Good Morning. I did not feel my best yesterday and I did only the things I like after work...walking the dog and working on my happiness website. It was 7:30pm and people were aksing me to do some fun things but I really wanted to just get in my PJ's and stay in. Well I actually did it, and it wasn't easy at first. I read a great book, watched some TV and re-heated food. Very relaxing. I have to say, not only do I feel better but have my energy back AND have a great attitude at work today.
Some may do I do this with committments in the eve. Here are some suggestions:
  • ask for help from others and see what you can cancel on. If you're sick most don't want to be around you anyway
  • Order dinner
  • get you PJs on- they will get the hint
  • If all you can do is end your eve early, get into bed as early as you can...and get that fav drink, book or whatever gets you to sleep ASAP.
Your goal is to get as much sleep as you need. Everyone at work will appreciate it and you won't have to call off...hopefully :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Life Balance- Staying with the topic

I decided to stay with this topic a little longer. Today was nuts at work! And this is not the time of the year for nuts! I spent some time over the weekend really trying to put some of my advice into place regarding how to keep work more manageable. So, I talked with my assistant and we talked thru some ways we could be more efficient and projects she would enjoy taking on.  Also discussing what may need to go if we run out of time. I also talked to 2 others to get advice. A colleague and trusted friend said  to keep re-prioritizing and asking your boss what she needs today. One day at a time. As they say- when your give your organization what they want most, typically everything else is forgiven. That usually means money :). Now that work is over, I am going to walk the dog, eat a good meal, work on my happiness website and watch my favorite football team play in the pre-season.  Sounds like a great night! Keep the balance people!