Thursday, September 6, 2012

Using Linked in for Networking

As we discuss networking, I can't believe how quickly you can make connections on Linked in. I do recommend you try it if you don't use it already...and many, many do. You can start off asking people you know to connect and the system also recommends people in which you can ask for a connection. There are actually multiple ways to connect. It is for more professional activities. Here are some things you can do: Make connections to those in your career OR a career you may be pursuing. Join groups that relate to your profesisonal interests. For a fee, become part of a job search network. You will create a personal profile which you can put much info about yourself including resume, interests, list website, recommmend books and more. What I find most useful: Making connections to what you want quickly. Joining groups to find info you need and contributing to the conversations. Making business contacts. Getting out info you want your collegues to know such as posting your articles, website, product info, etc. Checking out other people Some may use to look for potential hires Again, I'm sure so much more... I have a passion for work around happiness and work/life balance. I am starting a website around happiness and was able to connect to like-minded people. Not only do they want to meet with me but they also want to see my website and be a part of it. This will only help generate more traffic as well promote these organizations and their blogs and websites. All win/win. Give it a can really help you to see that your dream job is out there and others can help you in your pursuit. Next we'll look at Facebook! Have a great day!

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  1. Now a days it is easier to connect with the people, friends..One can make their own community, find friends, dating clubs, connect online like minded people your area